Who Is Jump Start Jonny?

Jump Start Jonny’s whooptastic workouts are played in schools and homes around the world and kids just can't get enough! WHOOOPA!

Jump Start Jonny absolutely LOVES exercise, particularly because it helps him burn his excess energy and control his Tourette’s. In fact, he channelled this energy to play squash for Sussex!

Jonny’s plan was to become a primary school teacher, but while training at university, he fell in love with group exercise and decided to become a fitness instructor instead. After qualifying, Jonny started teaching adult aerobics and arranged a flashmob to promote his classes. To help people learn the routine, he uploaded a video to YouTube.

Teaching at a primary school in London, Jonny’s sister used the video to get her class active. They absolutely LOVED the crazy dancing and kept asking for more…and so Jump Start Jonny was born!

Inspired by his infectious energy, over 250,000 Jumpsters around the world have fun with Jump Start Jonny’s whooptastic workouts!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get the party started!

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Age 8 – Test out for Whooopa World!

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